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About Candice Porten

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I have dedicated over 20 years to lifestyle and corporate wellness consulting, fitness instruction, and after a recent battle with stage 2 breast cancer I launched my accountability coaching program to help others make better health choices, increase the value of their health, and live their best life. I am a published author of the Mile for Every Year book series and a certified health coach.

Why is that important to your journey? Whether I was consulting a small to large size organization on a multi-million-dollar deal, or an individual looking to lose weight, my approach is the same – my goal is to focus on the why and cultivate accountability to encourage lasting change.

I am sister, friend, wife, stepmother, godmother, aunt, a mother to fur babies, a long-time health coach and now an accountability coach. As the fourth of six children born in the Midwest my parents instilled in me a hard work ethic and I have carried that with me throughout my life allowing me to accomplish my goals and dreams. I have lived on both coasts, currently enjoying home in northern Arizona.

Creating Can Do by Candice has allowed me to combine my passions, expertise, and strengths to help others in the areas of personal and professional development and healthy lifestyle habits. I have had the pleasure of coaching professional women seeking work life balance, others in finding their dream job while staying healthy and living their optimal life, and other clients seeking support to move more and lose weight.

After 5 decades around the sun and my personal battle with breast cancer have seen firsthand what one can accomplish through personal accountability and a dedication to real change. Thank you for allowing me to share my story, my team and I are looking forward to working with you!

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