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Create your perfect life

Accountability  happens when we take responsibility for our actions and  become  accountable for our choices ... and decide to begin creating the difference in our lives we want to see. 

Each client in the program has a unique story and I am passionate about helping clients use their story to find their motivation to create lasting change. Every day I see clients recognizing and making the changes they need to be successful and I am reminded why I truly love what I do.

Invest in yourself and your health today and put health $ in the bank.... CAN DO by Candice was created to empower all of us to be our best selves by partnering up for positive change.

As change occurs in your life you will see a shift in your confidence and even your mood, and that is what makes this program worthwhile - I love the work, the progress and the results! Together we will partner and make amazing things happen for you!



Professional Biography 

I have dedicated over 20 years to lifestyle and corporate wellness consulting, health and wellness coaching, and fitness instruction. I am a published author of the Mile for Every Year book series and a board certified health coach.
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My Biography
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