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Unlock Posture Perfection: The Power of Face Yoga to Combat Tech Neck

We live in a tech savvy world where our lifestyle and even most professions require our time be spent staring at a phone screen or hunched over a computer screen. Do you ever feel like you are in a never-ending cycle of constant pain, without even knowing you are in pain? I find each day I am more and more frustrated because my eyes are strained, and my posture often suffers. Many generations suffer from "tech neck," a common reference used to characterize the posture of the head and shoulders bent and rounded forward, that over time, causes a strain on our neck muscles, leading to pain, stiffness, and potential long-term postural issues. Happily, there's a natural solution that has the ability to help reverse the realities of tech neck: face yoga. Unlike technology, face yoga is not a new thing, it’s actually an ancient practice that targets facial muscles and offers a holistic approach to wellness, including posture improvement. The methodology of face yoga is incorporating specific exercises targeting the neck, shoulders, and spine that when done often and effectively, can reverse the effects of tech neck and enhance overall posture.


I have been practicing face yoga now for about five years – it is part of my weekly yoga routine, and it came to me naturally because I was seeking natural movement to reduce tightness in my neck and upper back. Face yoga became an actual practice of mine when I started to explore a solution to not only make my neck and shoulders feel better but to look better too – I hated the lines on my neck – tech neck! Face yoga promotes awareness of the neck and shoulder region. Many of us hold tension in these areas without even realizing it. Through gentle movements and stretches, face yoga encourages us to release this tension, which can help alleviate strain on the neck and improve alignment. Simple exercises like neck rolls, shoulder shrugs, and chin tucks can make a significant difference over time, reducing stiffness and promoting greater flexibility.


Let me share with you how to explore a neck roll, shoulder shrug and chin tuck to improve posture and flexibility and build strength to relieves tension, stress, and pain in the shoulder and neck.

Ear to Shoulder Neck Roll

Step by step

Come to a comfortable seat and rest your hands on your knees

Drop your left ear toward your left shoulder

Inhale here...

Exhale Lift your head back to center

Drop your right ear toward your right shoulder

Inhale here...

Lift your head back to center

Repeat 3 times on each side

Shoulder Shrugs

Step by Step

Inhale shrug the right shoulder

Exhale allow it to fall

Inhale shrug the left shoulder

Exhale let it fall


Double shoulder shrugs- shrug away all your cares or worries

Step by step

Inhale both shoulders up together

Exhale let them release

30 seconds

Inhale-Sit up tall- hold-tighten

Exhale full breath out

Chin tucks

Step by step

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, or stand up. Relax your shoulders.

Look straight ahead. Gently glide your chin straight back. It's a small movement. Like you are creating a double chin. Extend your spine long from the crown of your head

Hold for 5 seconds, then relax.

Repeat 5 times

Here are a few face exercises with you that directly target the muscles responsible for maintaining proper posture.  Exercises like Lion Face and Swan Neck (yoga) poses engage the muscles of the neck, jaw, and throat, helping to strengthen and tone them. Yoga poses like the Cervical Stretch and Shoulder Opener specifically target the upper body, opening up the chest and counteracting the forward slump often associated with prolonged sitting and screen use. Consistent practice can lead to improved posture habits both on and off the mat.

Lion Pose

Step by Step

Kneel on the floor and cross the front of the right ankle over the back of the left...

Press your palms firmly against your knees...

Take a deep inhalation through the nose...

Set your gaze at the spot between the eyebrows...

You can roar two or three times.

Swan Neck

Step by Step

Sit or kneel on the floor

Inhale and curl up, articulating the spine into thoracic extension

Exhale, lengthening back down

After two repetitions – keeping your head level – look to one side, roll the head down toward the chest to the opposite shoulder and back to center, and then reverse.

Repeat 2-3 times for most comfort

Cat Cow is a great pose for stretching the muscles in the neck and upper back

Step by Step

Find a seated or kneeling position on the floor, or chair

Your hips should be directly below your shoulders

Inhale, arch your spine, look up toward the ceiling, round your shoulders back, lift your heart and your chest, your belly reaches forward

Exhale round the spine, tuck the chin, peek toward your belly button, reach your back to the wall behind you

Repeat 3-4 times

Beyond the postural relief face yoga also helps me by offering relaxation and a more mindful approach to my day. When I am stressed and there is tension in my body, it intensifies any postural challenges by causing muscle tightness and rigidity. I find by incorporating deep breathing techniques and mindful movement, face yoga helps me to reduce my stress levels and promotes a sense of calm. Research has shown that face yoga is good for our mental well-being by approaching posture correction in a more holistic way, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of our body’s alignment.

Many people suffer from postural issues throughout their life without exploring movement, instead choose invasive procedures and even expensive gadgets to find relief and improve appearance. But the physical benefits of face yoga is more than a natural alternative to procedures and gadgets – face yoga enhances our overall well-being and body awareness and can combat signs of aging at the same time. By strengthening and toning facial muscles we can feel better physically and mentally and create a more youthful appearance for our body.

I have enjoyed the many benefits incorporating face yoga into my regular wellness and yoga routine. By targeting the muscles in my face, neck, and shoulders I have released tension, my posture is better aligned, and I have felt a greater sense of mindfulness and relaxation. We all continue to find balance in our everyday life, digital and beyond and if you are looking for a holistic approach to feeling better physically and mentally, face yoga is a natural and accessible solution to anyone that wants to put in the time. Whether practiced as a standalone routine or incorporated into an existing fitness regimen, face yoga offers a simple yet effective solution to the modern-day epidemic of tech neck and poor posture.

I have incorporated a few vides with sample exercises highlighted above. Try these postural and face yoga exercise for yourself, I recommend daily and even multiple times per day.... but you can start with one or two days a week. The more often, the better you will feel.

To a healthy and body and mind,

Candice -


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