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Retreat FAQs

  • What’s included in the full retreat package?
    All communal spaces and amenities on the country estate All meals: breakfast, snacks, and dinner, except for one meal off site Welcome packet and gift bag Yoga Meditation Journaling All listed excursions, including wine tasting, food tour, sound bath, hiking
  • What’s excluded?
    Airfare Travel insurance One dinner out Any lunches off-site Gratuity Meals to and from retreat Other personal expenses Bodywork/massages and other individual services
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payments through Zelle or credit card payment* Instructions will be provided upon registration. *Available discounts for Zelle or non credit card payments.
  • Do I need to pay the full price when I reserve my spot?
    No, we only require a 50% deposit for all retreats upon registration. The remaining amount is collected on or before August 1, 2024. We like to give you plenty of time to plan and save for the majority of the cost.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    If money and payment are the only things preventing you from signing up for a retreat, please email or call me, we can try and help find a solution for you.
  • What is a considered a booking cost?
    A booking cost refers to the cost associated with securing your reservation for the retreat.
  • What is the closest airport to the retreat location?
    Faro airport is 75 kilometers away Lisbon airport is 3 hours away
  • Do I need a passport and what should I know about travel with regard to my passport?
    Yes, a passport is required for international travel. The 'Six-Month Rule' stipulates that your passport should have at least six months of validity remaining from the date of your entry or departure to or from the international destination. If your passport expiration date is sooner than six months from your date of arrival, you may not be admitted.
  • What do the included amenities look like?
    Amenities are specific to individual retreats, but the majority of our hosted accommodations include: Bedrooms are based on reservation selection including single rooms, double rooms and a triple room In-suite bathrooms Chef and dining area onsite Firepit Outdoor seating Laundry services onsite Complimentary Wifi Private Pool
  • What does a typical day look like?
    A sample itinerary is provided to all interested in the retreat. A final itinerary is confirmed closer to the date of the retreat and can be changed due to unforeseen circumstances and weather. Typically, there is one excursion, yoga class and/or meditation, an activity, and free time offered daily. We do believe downtime is important and will not keep you on the go for long periods of time.
  • What should I bring?
    A suggested list of items to bring will be provided once registration is completed.
  • Do I have to do everything listed on the itinerary?
    No, the agenda provides optional activities. Yoga, meditation, excursions, hiking, and workshops are all available to you and included in the cost of the retreat but are not mandatory! This retreat is for you. Choose your own adventure. Only participate in the activities that suit you.
  • Do I have to do yoga? OR What if I’ve never done yoga?
    The answer to any question starting with “do I have to” is always NO! We always encourage guests to choose their own adventure because we want them to look at the retreat schedule as suggestions of activities that they can participate in. You know yourself better than anyone else, so if you need rest, please take a nap. If the thought of doing yoga gives you crippling anxiety or you’d rather sleep in than salute the sun, then please skip it. We do teach all levels classes which means that all classes are beginner friendly. We are always available to help answer questions in real time. I truly take it as a compliment if someone skips yoga or any other workshop or excursion because they are actually honoring what they need and not participating out of some weird guilt that they shouldn’t have.
  • How strenuous will the hiking excursions be?
    Hiking excursions are dependent on retreats. We always discuss in detail what to expect for time, difficulty level, etc. so that you can decide if you want to participate. Most hikes are easy or moderate and take between 2-4 hours.
  • What if I have an injury or disability?
    We are committed to making each guest feel comfortable and safe. Please email me any thoughts or concerns. If you prefer to discuss this in detail, please email me to set up time to talk one-on-one.
  • Can you accommodate food allergies or dietary restrictions or preferences?
    This is something we handle with ease. We have section in our pre-retreat questionnaire asking you to share these details with us and then I privately share them with the chef so she can plan to accommodate. We haven’t hosted a retreat where we haven’t had some allergies or preferences, and it is never an issue. Having a private chef makes this a non-issue. I promise we can ensure that your needs will be met.
  • Are there any food options in addition to plant based?
    Normally meals are plant-based and always in accordance with each participant's dietary restrictions (gluten free, dairy free, etc.). On the night that poultry is served, those who don't eat meat will be served vegan/vegetarian. The same goes for a fish night. You will be asked your dietary needs in a questionnaire prior to the retreat to better understand the overall group.
  • Outside of any pre-arranged transportation with the group - what other location transportation is available should I want to explore?
    Uber works well, or taxi service. You can also hire a bike. Information will be available through the retreat once you arrive.
  • Can I stay longer than the retreat length?
    You are welcome to explore available accommodations near the retreat location and recommendations can be provided. Another group is coming in right after our group leaves and the staff needs time to clean the rooms and retreat facilities, so we are unable to stay longer than our scheduled time.
  • Can you recommend local accommodations close by if I want to stay for the weekend following our retreat?
    Best to look at or Air BnB there are many options in Praia da Luz and Lagos
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is something we strongly recommend for unexpected cancellations and any other incidents that can happen when travelling. We will ask for a copy of your travel insurance.
  • What do I do if I arrive early to the retreat?
    We provide airport transportation for a prearranged group from Faro airport within 3 hours prior to check-in and check-out. Once you have booked your flights, please send your arrival and departure information
  • I’m traveling by myself, are most other people in groups or by themselves too?
    Yes, we love solo travelers, and we often have several participants that come alone. We can match you with a roommate if you want to share a room.
  • What is the minimum age to participate?
    All retreat participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • How many guests can you have on the retreat?
    That is dependent on the retreat. Normally we host between 8 and 17 depending on how many solo and double rooms are requested.
  • I’m camera shy, do I have to be photographed?
    No, you do not have to be photographed. The best photos are ones capturing you when you’re not even looking and always at your best angle. We are happy to omit you from photos if you prefer.
  • Is there WiFi and cell service?
    Yes, but it may be limited. Depending on your cell service, there may be areas of the lodging or excursions where you will have limited services. Wifi is available in the main house and in each room.
  • Is alcohol allowed onsite? (can I bring my own)
    There is an honesty bar you can purchase from - the retreat location prefers you do not bring your own.
  • Are there stairs, elevators onsite?
    The retreat location is based on a hill so there are stairs - they are not wheelchair friendly.
  • Where are the bathrooms onsite?
    All rooms have bathrooms ensuite. There is also a bathroom in the yoga studio and a public toilet in the main house.
  • Do the bedrooms/rooms have A/C or fans?
    All rooms and the yoga studio have A/C.
  • I love to sleep in the nude, are private rooms available?
    Yes, for an additional cost. Please see the retreat accommodations for room options.
  • How close is the closest pharmacy?
    Praia da Luz – 4km away
  • How close is the closest grocery store?
    Praia da Luz – 4km away
  • How close is the closest hospital?
    Lagos – 7km away
  • Cancellation Policy/Terms & Conditions
    All retreat participants must be 18 years of age or older. Liability: by registering Cancellation Policy: Your deposit reserves your room and space in the retreat. Remaining balance due 90 (retreat dependent, will be specified in details section and in contract) days prior to retreat. Cancellations between 16- 12 weeks before refund- 2/3 of the booking price Cancellations between 12-8 weeks before refund -1/3 of the booking price Less than 8 weeks - no refund
  • What is the distance between Farro train station and Faro Airport?
    A taxi from between the main train station and airport in Faro will cost €15 to €18 (plus luggage fees), and the journey takes 12 minutes.
  • What type of transportation is available between Lisbon and Faro?
    The best way to get from Lisbon to Faro is to train which takes 3h and costs €18 - €26. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €16 - €35 and takes 3h 30m, you could also fly, which costs €35 - €160 and takes 2h 31m.
  • How many guests will be part of the retreat?
    We can host between 8 and 17 depending on how many solo and double rooms are requested.
  • What are check in and check out times for the retreat location?
    The retreat location is available to guests after 4pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure
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