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Accountability Coaching By Candice Porten

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The program has changed my life. My coach was with me every step of the way, listened to me and learned of my challenges and goals and helped me create a program that was easy to follow and showed results. With my new confidence, I was creating
and fostering better relationships in my professional career and recognizing more opportunities. I was physically healthier with fitness and nutrition recommendations from my coach and I was finding my personal relationships better because I was happier in all areas of my life.


When I joined this program I was seeking continued support for weight loss. I immediately recognized results through engagement with my coach, learning more about building my weekly workout routines, new recipes and lifestyle choices that influenced and shaped my habits. The program helped me lose more weight and live a healthier life overall. I love it!


As a working professional mom, my goal when joining the program was to focus on work life balance and creating boundaries in my relationships, to allow me to stay healthy and productive. The daily/weekly reminders motivated me because I felt like someone was championing my goals too. I was successful in keeping to a weekly workout routine and making healthier food choices too. Try the program for yourself, the content is customizable to what you need and it helped me.


The Can Do By Candice program is a combination of motivation and education while teaching clients to be accountable for actions in all areas of their lives. As a coach myself I invested in the program to keep myself on track and focus on my personal and professional goals. Through this program I was successful in managing my time better, cultivating new client relationships and accomplishing long time personal goals. Highly recommend!

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CAN DO Movement Motivation

Movement encourages change so lets motivate you to move, get healthier and make real lifestyle change! We will support you in all areas of your life including how to incorporate exercise into work life balance or creating a workout plan for every day. Your coach will assist to develop your workout regime with activities you enjoy with regular check ins and access to online fitness and meditation classes until exercise becomes part of your everyday lifestyle.

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Books and Journals to educate and motivate you!

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1.) Personalize Your

Coaching Content

Work with your coach to develop an understanding of your professional, personal or health goals*, to build a program to discover your motivation to accomplish your goals and live your best life.

*option to build a program based on your genetic profile

2.) Set up your 1:1

Coaching Sessions

You choose a weekly day a time to meet with your coach after you fill out a quick questionnaire so you can hit the group running from the start of your call or video session.

3.) Attend your Weekly

Fitness Classes &

Meditation Sessions

The program helps keep you on track and supports your goals with regular classes and sessions available right
through the platform.  


Weekly Motivational Reminders

Receive customized positive quotes, words of encouragement or personal content sent via text and email during the week to boost your self-confidence, creativity and motivation.

Monthly/Quarterly Webinars

The program offers access to monthly and quarterly virtual webinars with engaging videos, interactive presentations and live group chat, focused on topics related to growth in all areas
of professional, personal and health and wellness.

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CAN DO by Candice Mission Statement: To assist clients with the tools, motivation, and pathway to live their best life by creating a foundation for lasting change, through personal accountability, in wellness and fitness, personal and professional development, offering inspirational and educational programming with one-on-one support.


Candice's Message:

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed big but it is through hard work and accountability I am able to continually learn, grow and achieve my dreams, big or small. It inspires me to help others just like you to achieve your greatest potential by giving you the tools and motivation to embrace your own personal accountability and live your best life. You have what it takes to be personally and/or professionally successful and myself and the team behind this program will be with you every step of the way!

You got this,

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You CAN DO and Your Journey Starts Here.