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Embrace Life: The Power of Will and the Gift of Each Day

Most weeks, I write and speak about positive topics to inspire those around me. Life isn't easy, and not all outcomes are pleasant, but it's our approach, thoughts, and actions that determine the path we take. It is our will through it all that makes the difference.

The will to live is an innate and powerful force that drives us to persevere through hardships and seek out meaning and fulfillment in our existence, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. Truly living is a choice we make each day with our thoughts and actions.

Even in the throes of dying, wanting to live manifests as a tenacious desire to grasp onto every fleeting moment, cherishing the fragile thread of existence with unyielding determination.

For the last year I watched my mother-in-law fight so hard to overcome the challenges of a cancer diagnosis – everything from treatment to frequent side effects, a weakening body and difficulty functioning basic daily activities. There was a part of me that wanted to be there for her every need, but she was so strong, and I could tell from our conversations and time together that she wanted to be normal and take care of herself. She was so strong and wanted to live. She thought of nothing but her family and wanted to live and be there for them. Even when she declined to sleeping most of the day and found it difficult to walk from one room to the other, she persevered in her heart. In her last hours she may have felt pain but quietly took her last breaths with elegance, dignity and love in her heart.

There is something about experiencing death that reminds us to live life and live it to the fullest. The will to live is in our hearts driven by love, faith and the possibilities that we can live to witness each day. I know my mother-in-law wanted so much to live while others who are alive and well choose not to make the best of each day and each opportunity.

I am reminded once again this week how precious our time on earth is, how quickly time goes by and how each day is a gift. Death is a reminder to live, live right now and cherish your loved ones and those closest to you.

What do you want to experience or accomplish today? The choice is yours.

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