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Road Trips: Sometimes It’s the Journey and the Destination

Road trips offer a sense of adventure and freedom in the unknown, encompassing scenic routes and endless possibilities to explore new towns, meet new people, a stop at coffee shop or antique store, or picture taking at the side of a cliff gazing into a vast blue ocean. These types of experiences are what fuel my soul.

My blog this week was inspired by the road trip from Faro to Lagos Portugal.

This November 3-8th I am hosting a cultural immersion retreat to the Algarve coast of Portugal and the nearest airport is in the town of Faro. The planning of the trip for myself and others attending has offered a blissful anticipation and opened our hearts and minds with raw excitement of what lies ahead. With the closest airport being in Faro, an hour or so from the retreat location, the first big conversation is how do we get from point A to point B, and what does that road trip look like. Going to a new country, or even a new town, there are so many unknowns… which is half the fun, right!?

Oh, what an experience a fun road trip offers us - imagine the warm sun coming in through the windows of the car along with a gentle breeze and the excitement building with each mile. Whether it's a coastal drive, a journey through mountainous landscapes, or a venture into the heart of the countryside, every trip is a unique experience filled with spontaneous moments and unforgettable memories. Embarking on a road trip from Faro to Lagos in Portugal captures this spirit perfectly, offering a picturesque journey through the Algarve coast, renowned for its stunning coastline, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage.

Starting in Faro, the region’s capital, travelers are greeted with a blend of historic architecture and vibrant modern life. The city’s cobblestone streets, ancient city walls, and the beautiful Arco da Vila sets the stage for a trip that promises both relaxation and adventure. Leaving Faro, the promise of sun-soaked beaches and picturesque towns makes the road ahead that much more invigorating. The route from Faro to Lagos is a scenic delight, with the shimmering Atlantic Ocean frequently in view. A recommended stop along the way is Albufeira, a lively coastal town known for its stunning beaches and bustling old town. The golden sands of Praia dos Pescadores and the energetic atmosphere make it a perfect place to pause, enjoy a meal, and perhaps take a refreshing swim. Continuing westward, the drive through quaint towns like Portimão offers glimpses into the region's fishing traditions and maritime culture, with colorful boats and waterfront cafes adding to the charm.

After making our way to Faro by plane or by train from Lisbon, retreat guests will be traveling in a small bus together to Lago, offering a chance for everyone to start to get to know each other, talk about what we are most looking forward to during the 6-day retreat as we take in all the surrounding views.  Traveling with friends, family or new friends adds another layer of enjoyment to the road trip experience. One of my favorite road trip memories a handful of years ago was about two hours in length and we sang Christmas carols together ringing in some of the best holiday cheer I have remembered as an adult. Singing along to favorite tunes, sharing stories, and creating inside jokes strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Our upcoming road trip from Faro to Lago spans just under 100 kilometers. Ultimately, a road trip is more than just a journey from one place to another; it's a celebration of life's simple pleasures and a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us. The sense of wonder that comes from exploring new places, the joy of shared experiences, and the thrill of the unknown combine to make each trip a cherished story., is not merely about the destinations but the journey itself. The Algarve’s scenic beauty, warm climate, will be welcoming and create an atmosphere of joy and relaxation.

In Portugal this fall we will arrive to our destination later afternoon when the sun is still shining bright, and the air is starting to turn a bit cooler. Upon reaching the retreat location a sense of delight builds as guests are welcomed by a gorgeous botanical garden and rooms with a view of the ocean with nearby Lagos. Guests will be so excited to check into their rooms. Soon after we will meet for a welcome dinner and share stories of our trip to Portugal and the road trip from Faro to Lagos!

Lagos offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty, famed for its dramatic cliffs, hidden grottoes, and pristine beaches such as Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo. Exploring the Ponta da Piedade, with its breathtaking rock formations and crystal-clear water.

A road trip embraces both the journey and the destination, blending the excitement of the unknown with the joy of reaching a beautiful destination. As we travel from Faro to Lagos, we will not only soak in the scenic vistas and cultural treasures of the Algarve coast but also forge deeper connections with each other and with ourselves. I am thrilled to be hosting this retreat to Portugal in November, sharing my love of adventure with others and offering guests the opportunity to find their version of self-discovery while creating a journey of memories along the way.  I look forward to embarking on this adventure with my retreat guests, where the journey and the destination come together to create unforgettable memories and transformative experiences.

Would you like to join us on our road trip? There are still a few spots left!


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