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My Mantra – Homemade Gifts Warm the Heart – Yours and Theirs

Mornings are a bit chillier and pumpkin spice flavors are all the rage. It’s safe to say fall is upon us, which means the holidays are right around the corner. My favorite part of the holidays is making gifts for my family and friends, neighbors, and clients. It fills my heart with so much joy and love, making the gifts, wrapping, and addressing, and even going to the post office to use the kiosk to ship the packages.

There is so much goodness that comes from the act of homemade gifts, for those who receive the gifts but also the person making and sending the gifts. When I make gifts for others I feel a great sense of contentment, creativity and expression, creating a state of flow in my body and mind. I am not thinking about what is happening at work, or an issue that might be happening in my life, but instead I am feeling relaxed and in the moment. When I make gifts, I am reflecting on what the other person might enjoy most, their favorite color, flavor, or hobbies, which allows me to connect to my own ideas and passions.

My yearly gift making is largely a tradition and something I look forward to each year. The traditions create an energy in my body that makes me happy from the inside out. I spend countless hours in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays that are some of the best memories of the year for me. The holidays look very different for me than others having lost both of my parents at a relatively early age, so my own traditions, like gift making and gift giving, fill my heart where there may be a void I don’t consciously realize.

Making gifts are more personal, unique heartwarming labors of love. Often times homemade gifts cost less too, because I can shop all year long, taking advantage of sales as I collect the items I need for the gifts. The idea of saving money gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, with less guilt and holiday stress. Making gifts provides opportunities to share time with family and friends with likeminded interests. As a family we find enjoyment making the gifts for grandparents, cousins, nephews and nieces, teaching the kiddos how to be resourceful, creative and giving from the heart.

In the spirit of giving, I wanted to share some gift making ideas I have enjoyed or plan to make in the coming years. Maybe the list of ideas will inspire you to find a project you can enjoy and gift to someone in your life.

Homemade foodie gifts




Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate Spoons

Layered Cookie Ingredients in a Jar

Meat Rubs

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Candied Pecans

Brownie Treasure Box

Homemade gift baskets full of yummies

Hot Chocolate Mix

Spiced Apple Tea Mix

Savory Herb Salt Rub

Breakfast Basket (pancakes, jams, cookies, tea/coffee, granola, fresh fruit and/or flowers)

Homemade crafts

Flower Arrangements


Photo projects and books




Whipped Peppermint Hand Scrub and other flavors

Flower-shaped Bubble Bath Bars


DIY Mug Candle

Hair bows

Bird feeders

Glitter pinecones



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