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My Mantra - Reflections & Aspirations

While I do not believe in new year resolutions - embracing the arrival of the new year provides an ideal opportunity to ponder the previous year, acknowledging the positives that have played a fundamental role in shaping my life for the better. Practicing reflection and aspirations at different times during the year is a habit of mine because it is through self-exploration and commitment amidst challenges, I can continue to discover resilience and strength. My reflections from 2023 are:

  • Daily/weekly mantras – reinforcing my goals and making goals a reality

  • Being mindful of my relationships – how to better meet people where they are

  • Creating new opportunities for growth in business

  • Talking to a mentor or peer monthly for reflection and guidance

  • Five new tea flavors and 10 new greeting card designs

  • Daily yoga with a minimum 4 restorative yoga classes per week

  • Continued learning – 4 new courses

  • Adventures to new places – Belize, England and upper WA state

  • Giving back to my community - food, gifts, resources, time

I am always looking forward to continued growth and opportunities in and adding to my list - setting my sights with renewed determination, forging ahead with aspirations that light the path toward personal and collective growth. By writing in my journal or being mindful I can jot down my thoughts and dreams to better make them a reality. Here are a few things I am most looking forward to in the year ahead:

  • Continued learning – already started!

  • Offering 2-4 free yoga and meditation classes each month to help others find their center and vision for good health

  • Speaking for communities and organizations around population health initiatives

  • Helping my coaching clients realize their fullest potential to start living the best life

  • Grow my parent’s scholarship by securing grants and continued fundraising

  • The Mile For Every Year 2024 Retreat in Japan, Thailand or Portugal

  • Continue to follow my passion for new tea and sharing new flavors with all of you

  • Donate homemade meals and desserts to my local family food center

Whatever your journey, may the coming year be a canvas to paint your dreams, a journey where you strive for your goals and cherish the lessons along the way. I look forward to sharing the journey together - cheers to the new year! ~Candice

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