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Unearthing the Spooky Treasures

Happy Halloween - hope you have a spooktacular day! After the Halloween festivities wind down and the spooky decorations are packed away, we are often left with an abundance of candies. While I love a Snickers or a Twix like many others, I like to find creative and purposeful (even healthier options) for left over candy and goodies. Here are a few sweet strategies I have tried and thought I would share.

Donation: Many charities, schools, and even dental offices collect excess candies to send to troops overseas through care packages. This not only reduces the temptation for endless snacking but also spreads the sweetness to those who could use a morale boost.

Creativity in the Kitchen: Incorporate leftover candies into cookies, cakes, or ice cream sundaes, transforming ordinary desserts into extraordinary delights. Holiday ideas include decorating gingerbread or adding to desserts for colorful toppings. You can even get creative and even melt down chocolate candies to make fondue for dipping fruits and marshmallows, creating a gourmet experience. The aftermath of Halloween candy offers a canvas for imaginative culinary projects, fostering creativity in the kitchen and ensuring that the spirit of Halloween lingers long after the last trick-or-treater has gone home.

Here are some thoughts for the healthier (not as fun side) of post Halloween:

Opportunity for parents to educate their children about moderation and dental health.

Encourage kids to enjoy their candy in conjunction with meals - this way, when they eat, their mouth makes more spit which helps stop the bad stuff in candy from hurting their teeth.

Emphasize the importance of regular brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene, especially during post-Halloween candy consumption.

Allowing yourself and children to ration the candy and enjoy a few pieces each day, prolonging the Halloween spirit without the sugar overload. This is not always a good option for me because if I know the candy is in the house, I will eat it!

Being creative and promoting healthy habits during and post Halloween means we can all enjoy the treats while being mindful of our overall well-being – and helping others at the same time! I hope these ideas fuel some sweet thoughts. ~Candice

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